March PCC Legislative Update

S.157 and H.3394, the Hands Free bills, remain in their committees, with no hearings scheduled yet. Hands Free will likely move through the House before the Senate this year. We are now up to 10 House sponsors (Taylor, West, Chapman, Pope, M.M. Smith, Davis, Thayer, Bernstein, Wheeler and Bauer). Please help us find additional House co-sponsors!

The Trails Tax Credit bill, H.3121, received 3 new co-sponsors the day of our Action Alert, February 8th! That’s because of you!! Let’s add more House co-sponsors! It is currently still in the House Ways & Means committee with no hearing scheduled yet. This bill gives property owners a state income tax credit if they agree to a trail easement.

S.281, the new Public Lands Enhancement Act, remains stalled. It dedicates the sporting goods sales tax revenue to the Public Lands Enhancement Fund, for capital improvement projects that give public access to public lands.

The Carolina Squat bill, S.363, passed the Senate and has started through the House. This bill limits the degree cars & trucks can be modified beyond a basic level of safety.

S.0036, the DUI Ignition Interlock bill, enables an Ignition Interlock Program for DUI offenders instead of losing their license. This bill has almost made its way through the Senate.

A joint resolution passed to affirm a new Regulation for E-bikes, and after significant public comment, SCDNR is set to restrict e-bike usage on WMA’s to Class 1 only (no throttle driven Class 2’s allowed). However, that was contested and has stalled.

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