Winning Campaigns Training: A Recap

November 4, 5 and 6 were three eventful days for bicycling and walking in South Carolina, thanks to the Alliance’s Winning Campaigns Training. The PCC was the host of this Training that guided bicycle and pedestrian advocates from across the Southeast in the developing exciting projects for their community. By leading advocates through the rinse-wash-and-spin cycles of campaign development, these advocates were able to walk away from a weekend-long investment equipped with a road-map and toolbox necessary win some awesome projects.

We certainly wouldn’t have survived the weekend without a bike ride! Here we are on a cruise through Columbia’s beautiful neighborhoods.

In total, thirteen attended the session and six campaigns were developed. Three campaigns will focus on projects in South Carolina, to include: a road improvement to better accommodate bicycles and pedestrians; a plan to improve standards and policies at SCDOT; and a city art/bike rack program.

We often talk about the power of partnerships on the PCC blog, and this weekend was no exception. The Training truly would not have been possible without the many partners and sponsors involved–and the projects developed will not be a success without such future collaboration.

Thanks of course to the Alliance for Biking & Walking for even making this training a possibility, and for allowing organizations like the PCC to play host. There are many important national sponsors that support the Training, and we thank those organizations for allowing us to offer sponsorships and keep the costs low. It is worth mentioning a few of our local sponsor champions: Hawley LLC, Earth Fare, Abacus Planning Group, Outspokin Bicycles, and Cycle Center.

The Alliance already has their Winning Campaign Trainings mapped out for 2012. Check out their website for more information on these opportunities!

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