Bicycle Traffic Safety by the Book

By PCC | January 24, 2011

The Smart Cycling program, established by the League of American Bicyclists, is bicycle education curriculum for adults and children.  The […]

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Yesterday’s DOT Commission Meeting

By PCC | January 21, 2011

The tone at yesterday’s very long SCDOT Commission Meeting was upbeat and positive, with much optimism expressed about the accomplishments […]

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Lexington Resident Tapped to Lead SCDOT

By PCC | January 18, 2011

Governor Haley announced late last Friday her appointment as Secretary of Transportation for our DOT: Robert St. Onge.  According to […]

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Anxiously Waiting News of Transportation Appointment

By PCC | January 14, 2011

With inauguration of our new Governor Haley just hours behind us and several pending announcements for her Cabinet, things are […]

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SC // PCC to Host bike & ped Winning Campaign Training

By PCC | January 7, 2011

We’re thrilled that we were chosen among a slate of applicants to host a 2011 Alliance for Biking & Walking […]

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Debris in the bike lane or road shoulder? Tell SCDOT!

By PCC | January 6, 2011

We’re thrilled about the latest news from our SC Department of Transportation.  They just launched an internet based system that […]

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Bicycle Education is How We Roll

By PCC | January 4, 2011

Education is one of the three legs that supports the Palmetto Cycling Coalition stool.  It is a fundamental principle that […]

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SC Bicycle News of the Last Week

By PCC | December 29, 2010

Here’s a roundup of the last week’s news relating to bicycling in South Carolina.  From the mountains to the sea, […]

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Helmets, blinkie lights and reflectors, oh my!

By PCC | December 23, 2010

As a Coalition, our work thrives on partnerships with other organizations and individuals.  One of our closest partners is the […]

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SC motoring fatalities down for 2011. But what about bicycle fatalities?

By PCC | December 22, 2010

Our Department of Transportation reported yesterday that for 2011, South Carolina is on track to have fewer than 800 vehicular-related […]

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