Building a Bicycle Friendly Furman University

A class clown.

Earlier this week, I had the great pleasure of visiting Furman University to help them work towards becoming a more bicycle friendly university. Under the direction of scholar-cyclist, and all-around incredible gal Caroline Mills, about a dozen students are navigating the BFU program within the parameters of a Maymester class experience.

In my visit to the class, I helped guide the class in a self-assesment of sorts. We went through the 5 E’s of bicycling (education, enforcement, encouragement, evaluation & planning, and engineering), and assessed what is currently happening and what can be improved. It is my impression that with some work, Furman will be well on their way to the first Bicycle Friendly University in South Carolina. I’m very proud of their current and future efforts!

Another class clown.

Collectively, community-based efforts like the BFU program help launch South Carolina to become a more bicycle friendly state. Together we are on the road to a better-for-bicycling state.

Thanks to the students of this Health Sciences class for all ya’ll are doing!

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One response to “Building a Bicycle Friendly Furman University”

  1. THANK YOU RACHAEL for your time. Your input is invaluable and you have pointed us in the right direction for meeting our goals of improved bicycle friendliness!!
    Caroline Mills, Professor
    Bicycle Friendly Furman