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HHI symposium

Don’t Miss the Southeast Biking Symposium!

The Southeast Biking Symposium next month, Mar 22-24, has an inspiring lineup.  Whether you’re an old hat or brand new to bike advocacy, this Symposium will both inspire and on nothing less than the latest and greatest in the world of improving bike access for all! The real time agenda, in detail, is here.  These […]

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H.4480 testimony Jan 31

H.4480: Distracted Driving bill

As we enter 2018, there’s new optimism at the state house that Distracted Driving will again be an issue we contend with in South Carolina.  House bill H.4480 has a chance this year, and it got its hearing yesterday in the joint subcommittee on Motor Vehicles and Transportation, which Rep. Jason Elliot of Greenville chairs. Covered by […]

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Year in Review: 2017

Year in Review, 2017! As you consider your End of Year Donations this year, think of all that PCC worked to accomplish, just this past year alone. We: Improved PCC’s bike crash analysis, with help from USC Public Health; Advanced H.3615 again through the state legislature; Served as the first ever voice for biking and […]

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